LeidenGlobal has conducted two photo exhibitions in recent years: Heritage on the Move and Crafting Cultures.

Both photo exhibitions form a selection of work provided by scholars of LeidenGlobal partners, reflecting their vision on the themes. The photo exhibitions have been displayed at several locations and can still be organised on location. From 2017, Heritage on the Move has traveled around Leiden, along different faculties and institutes connected to Leiden University and the LeidenGlobal partners, and has also passed by places that attract a broader public. Crafting Cultures was opened during “Leiden2022, Leiden City of Science” in 2022 and has since then been ‘on the move’ as well.

Both exhibitions are also online on display on this website.

About the theme ‘Heritage on the Move’ 

Today, perhaps more than ever before, heritage and migration go hand in hand. For many reasons, people move around the world, and so does their heritage.

Cultural Heritage is often understood in terms of local identity alone, but in fact, it travels around the world, and it has done so since time immemorial. In this process, people may change, but so does their cultural heritage on the move.

People and their things move around. Often, they are forced by political turbulence, but most migration has other incentives. Economic reasons to migrate or to move temporarily are also important.

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About the theme ‘Crafting Cultures’

Crafts and innovation have gone hand in hand for decades. A re-evaluation of crafts and craftsmanship in different cultures becomes more and more visible. This is not a nostalgic return to an idealised past; It is a search for scenarios that offer a better life for future generations.

Crafts can play a central role in different sciences and innovation. Across material disciplines, craft processes have driven breakthroughs that have passed into the other field.

Leiden scholars from different disciplines have dealt with crafts in their research, sometimes as the main topic, sometimes accidentally. This exhibition shows their photographs related to the theme of craftsmanship, specifically where tradition and innovation are fused through craft.

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