Western Lifestyle adopted in a Kenyan ‘Homemade Gym’

Western Lifestyle adopted in a Kenyan ‘Homemade Gym’
Marsabit County, Kenya

Photo & Research: Agnieszka Kazimierczuk

As more people around the world gain access to the tools of the digital age, the internet plays a greater role in everyday life. Internet has changed African countries and influences people’s daily life.

Internet access also influenced the lifestyle of Kenyans who look up to (in 2016) the Obama’s USA and Europe for lifestyle advice and inspiration. In an adaption of the Western sports lifestyle, home-made barbells and weights made from recycled materials can be found in a remote village in Northern Kenya. In a country like Kenya it is very normal to recycle materials such as plastic bottles and barrels. Now it is used in a new manner to adapt western lifestyle to which Kenyans are introduced through (their access to) Internet.

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